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Blog 21. 09. 20

Working from home – tips to keep your staff motivated

If you were to tell us 12 months ago that office life would be a rarity and most of us would be working from home regularly, we’d laugh and think we were dreaming.

But fast forward to now, and working from home no longer feels like the dream it once felt. With the lack of social interaction, the feeling of never leaving work, and fatigue starting to hit, how can you keep your workforce motivated whilst still at home?

From experience, we’ve pulled together some really great tips for increasing enthusiasm whilst the office is still closed.

Pay attention to your internal communications

It’s easy to start to feel alone and out of touch when you’re not in the office, so regular communications from your company can really help give a little boost to your staff.

But make sure it’s regular and not once in a blue moon. Why not continue your internal staff incentives, but digitally? Initiatives like Employee of the month can really help to keep your staff involved.

Keep the tone really positive and fun – share some enjoyable stories from around the business and make sure it isn’t completely corporate. Your staff want to feel like you’re having a conversation with them, not releasing a statement.

Make sure you open up the conversation – a comfortable and safe environment for staff to reach out, respond, or express any concerns they may have.

Invest in suitable equipment to keep them comfortable

It’s probably time to review and update your work from home guidelines (if you even had one before).

Share some tips on how your home desk could be set up, making sure their desks are at a suitable height, length etc so no physical damage can be done.

Share guidance for regular breaks and express your encouragement for this. Working from home as a new concept can be stressful for some and may result in over working – sitting at your desk in one position for 8 hours is never good for anyone.

Providing the correct technology so your staff can embrace video calls, webinars, a strong connection and a mobile solution is essential to a comfortable work from home setting.

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