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Blog 10. 11. 20

Working from anywhere, for anyone

Working from home may have already been a regular thing for many of us.  Usually the desk-based office workers, sales people or those in an agency environment – but this wasn’t the case for all.

Many industries faced the immense task of adapting to the new regulations regarding COVID-19 and finding remote working solutions for their staff, which also work exceptionally well for their customers too.

Following safety, the most important starting point when moving your business to a remote environment is communication. Having the right tools to connect with your staff, customers and prospects just as if you were in the office allows you to adjust seamlessly.


Regrettably, redundancies have increased across the UK due to the impact of the pandemic, so more people are now looking for work. Your business may well be trying to balance a big rise in enquiries from candidates with a possible slowdown in demand from your customers, all while probably having to adapt your own working operations.  Having an agile communication and collaboration solution, like eve, can transform your ability to operate effectively and remotely.  You can hold video calls with colleagues, candidates and customers, while benefitting from eve’s document sharing and collaboration features.

Find out how, here.


Even though there was a short break in MOT testing at the start of the pandemic, many garages are operating normally again, with increased measures to comply with COVID-19 guidance and reduce risk.  Contactless customer interactions are pivotal in maintaining safety, so eve’s flexible communication and collaboration features can help your business to adapt quickly and securely.

Take a look at the additional functionality you can benefit from, here.

Estate Agents

With the recent incentives around buying a house, such as the stamp study holiday, people may be more inclined to search for their dream home.  So even if you can’t make it into your usual office, it is essential that estate agents are able to work as proficiently as if they were. Whether it’s keeping clients up to date remotely, or hosting a virtual viewing – you’ll need a communication solution which offers just that.

With eve this is possible, and so much more – read more here.


The healthcare industry is under considerable strain at the moment, so problems with communication really cannot be accommodated.  Exceptional communication has never been more necessary and that is exactly what eve is set up to provide.

Find out more about eve’s solution for the healthcare industry here.

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