Benefits of the EVE

How I can help your business

As business has evolved, so have the demands for 24/7 communications. The scale and pace of business change is still accelerating and the customer really does have a wide and informed choice, so we all need to be agile and responsive. A reception area, a hotel bedroom, the sofa, a local coffee shop, a car, a plane or a train – they have all replaced the office desk, fuelling the need to stay connected. I am eve and my purpose is to help your business adapt and thrive. I am exceptional voice everywhere.

Can eve do everything a traditional phone system does?

I am designed to go beyond traditional phone systems, not replicate them. You will find my range of capabilities exceptional and I can keep you safe from fraud.

What happens if my business changes shape or location?

I am everywhere so you can keep your numbers and access my features wherever you are and however large you grow.

How can eve help my business be more successful?

I can help your teams to work seamlessly and share information, wherever they are and I can also make sure that your customers can speak to you when they need to.

Will my customers like eve?

So much that they may want to use me too. I can make sure they reach the person they need first time and keep a record of the conversation too.

Will eve work alongside my other office systems?

I am super friendly and like to interact with CRMs and office software, such as Outlook, without causing any friction. These features will be coming soon.

My features



All my packages give you the core phone system functionality to support your business needs.

With features including making and receiving calls, voicemail and music-on-hold, you can use my system to support all of your business communications.

Hunt groups are included as standard with my core feature package. This means that, at no additional cost, you have all the tools you need to manage your inbound and outbound calls.



Your customers can now benefit from dynamic, real-time communication through my collaboration functionality.

My interactive collaboration interface makes efficient teamwork a reality through a single pane.

Chats, content sharing, collaborative white board sessions, pictures, videos, presentations, graphic and vocal annotations are all in one place.

Colleagues can stay connected, regardless of their device or location.

Call centre functionality

Call centre functionality

Your customers can benefit from my innovative customer service functionality which includes wallboard functionality and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).

Real time call statistics can be viewed on my highly visual wallboard which is managed from the portal and is typically displayed on a large, wall-mounted monitor in your customer’s workplace.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) evenly distributes calls to queues, recordings or specific agents.



I protect my users from fraudulent activity such as hacking or excessive unauthorised call spends, through a number of measures including audits, password management and no dial through from voicemail.

My Exceptional Call Protection (ECP) monitors call patterns and volumes with particular notice of high risk categories like premium rate calls. If I detect any suspicious call activity I will block any outbound calls and alert you to the issue.



Connect me to your external IT systems.

Integrate me with Skype for Business and I can check your calendar to see if you’re in a meeting. If you are in a meeting, I can automatically change your availability status and route calls to an alternative destination.

Connect me to Skype for Business and I can see the availability status of you and all your colleagues and I can update my system to show the same. If you’re on a call, I can update Skype for Business to show that you are unavailable.

Call handling

Call handling

Make sure the right person always answers your calls.

My hunt groups let you direct calls to groups of people using one of several methods. Ring All, Round Robin and Longest Waiting are just some of the options available.

My call queues let you queue callers when there aren’t enough people available to answer the phone. Callers can hear music and comfort messaging to reassure them that their call will be answered as quickly as possible.

My custom menus let you direct calls based on the department the caller wishes to contact. This ensures the caller can always get through to the team they need to speak to.

Number management

Number management

Select new numbers or keep your existing one – the choice is yours.

I can give you numbers from any place in the UK. From Lands End to John O’Groats, use my portal to choose the number you want regardless of where your office is located.

If you would rather keep your existing numbers, that’s not a problem. I can move your current numbers to my network for you to use however you want.



Link all your sites together into one phone system.

Using either one of my feature packages, or your existing phone system, connect all your sites together and benefit from free calls between them.

I can configure inbound numbers to ring across multiple sites and you can short dial between them. With my multi-site feature you can unify all your sites into one phone system.

Call recording

Call recording

Record those all-important calls .

I can offer you call recording on whichever devices you choose and access to them through my intuitive portal. Download and listen to your recorded calls at the click of a mouse.

Decide how long you want to keep your recordings for and I shall store them in my state of the art data centre. My call recording is fully compliant with FCS guidelines, so you can be sure your data is always secure.

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