Blog 12. 12. 18

Thinking of moving to the cloud?

The number of businesses moving to a Cloud communication strategy has grown over the last few years.  The rate of this growth is increasingly quick and industry experts expect this trend to continue.

Traditionally, the SME marketplace has always been driven by a Service Provider first approach.  In that, the solutions on offer are what the Service Providers feel are best for end users.  However, the tide has changed, and a more technically savvy end user base are aware of what’s possible and demanding solutions that help them make their businesses a success.

A change in working habits and the consumption of IT mean that businesses want to empower their employees to work whenever and wherever they want.  Enabling them to be a happier, more productive workforce.

eve’s end-user experience was designed with this mind-set at the forefront.  Delivering an intuitive, engaging feature set that helps employees to be more efficient.  Whilst at the same time, providing businesses the comfort that they are in full control of the eve solution and maintaining the integrity and security of their data.

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