Lady hosting virtual workshop
Blog 28. 08. 20

Running a virtual workshop

Plans have been cancelled, events postponed, venues closed, but now it’s time to really adapt instead of waiting for things to reopen and go back to ‘normal’. Because we really don’t know when that will be.

Fortunately for us, technology invites a new way of thinking and offers the opportunity to run things virtually, such as webinars, events or workshops.

eve’s collaboration functionality is built perfectly for this – you could run your workshops, like you would in the office but from the comfort of your desk, or even better, your home.

Using eve will allow your customers to benefit from dynamic, real-time communications. Your workshop will include instant chat, content sharing, collaborative whiteboard sessions, picture and video sharing, presentations and annotations, all in one place. So, your virtual workshop can become as interactive and fun as much or little as you need!

With all guests joining from multiple devices, from wherever they are, your event can carry on be just as successful – just a little different. 

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