Smartphone in the cold.
Blog 18. 03. 19

Make the most out of your battery life

You may have noticed that your Smartphone battery life may have suddenly got a lot worse in the cold spell of late…

So why does cold weather drain your phone battery?

The short answer is that Lithium-ion batteries rely on chemical reactions to work, and freezing temperatures slow or stop those reactions.

So you don’t get caught short, here are some tips for extending your smartphone’s battery life

Dim your screen brightness or at least use the auto brightness setting.  A bit like a bulb, the brighter the light, the more power it uses, and it’s the same for your mobile phone screen. Top tip: use a dark theme or wallpaper, and stay clear of any animated or dynamic themes.

Turn off some of the services that you don’t use.  Each of your phone’s wireless functions uses a chip to connect which uses valuable power.  If you are not using them, turn off your Bluetooth, GPS, and WiFi. Top tip: if you don’t want to take or make a call, turn of all services by selecting ‘Airplane Mode’.

Turn it down! If your phone is always beeping and ringing, try reducing the volume on key alerts and ringtones, and disable the sound on others. You can also turn off vibration and haptic feedback.  Top tip: turn off unnecessary alerts – it will stop you from checking your phone so often and lighting up the screen.

Lock your screen when you’re not using your smartphone. If you rely on the auto lock/timeout function to lock it for you, reduce the delay time.

Close down unnecessary apps from time to time.  Some apps if left open in the background get ‘stuck’ trying to do their job, which can result in big power drains.  Top tip: there are various battery monitoring apps that show which apps are eating into your battery life, allowing you to close the ones that you don’t use.

Update your phone software.  It’s not always about the latest features and functionality. More often than not, your phone’s software update may include any number of fixes and updates that will make your phone work better, including battery optimisation.

Disable push notifications. Where you can, change your app push notifications to manual, i.e. pull down the messages when you need to.  Alternatively, reduce the frequency of push notifications.  Also consider setting your app updates to manual, and only update them if you use them.

Use WiFi instead of cellular data to access online content.  WiFi has been proven to be better on battery life, and there are now plenty of free hotspots to access when you’re out and about.

Use the correct charger for your device.  More and more devices are using the same connector for charging, and many chargers appear to be interchangeable, but this is not always the case.  If you ask a manufacturer, they will always advise you to use the OEM charger for your phone.  Top tip: if you need to fast charge your phone, charge from a normal AC wall socket (not USB socket) with your phone switched off or in-flight mode.

Restrict your use of demanding applications.  Playing Candy Crush or watching YouTube for 6 hours a day is a sure-fire way to kill your battery.

And finallyconsider buying a power case or portable power bank to increase the battery capacity, and don’t forget to keep it charged up.

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