Working efficiently
Blog 06. 12. 18

How can eve help my day to day work life better?

You may already be working efficiently and don’t think anything else could make your everyday easier, effective or maybe even cheaper? That’s where a cloud-based communications solution can help.

eve is designed to make your everyday exceptional, no matter where you are. A simple solution which keeps you connected whether you are in the office, on the train or if you just simply cannot make it into the office.

With a comprehensive set of features, eve can help with…


Taking care of your basic phone system needs. Including making and receiving calls, voicemail and music-on-hold, you can use eve’s system to support all of your business communications.


Work with your teams just as if you were in the office. eve’s collaboration suite includes instant messaging, file sharing, whiteboard sessions and more. No more waiting until you’re back at your desk.


Keeping you safe from fraud, so you don’t need to worry about activity such as hacking or excessive unauthorised call spends.


This is only a selection of features which can help your day to day work life even better.

Not convinced? Check out how eve’s customers are already improving their everyday, here.

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