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Blog 24. 08. 20

Adapting to working from home with new technology

When we think about the recent transition to working from home, we think how easy the move really was. Comparing to around 10 years ago, it really wouldn’t have been as seamless, and that’s thanks to the incredible technology that is so readily available.

And it doesn’t look like working from home will be a distant memory anytime soon, with large companies like Google announcing that their staff won’t be returning to the office until at least Summer 2021. So, we really must prepare our staff to adapt to their new surroundings with the best technology, and that doesn’t always mean the most expensive.

Make sure it’s mobile. It’s likely that your staff will be moving from home to the office regularly, so a solution that is flexible is key. Your mobile phone is still your essential business tool, where you can have all of your business calls and information on one device, so you’re fully connected even when you can’t get to your desk. Paired with a cloud-based communications platform, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Solutions like eve make it possible to work from wherever is needed without any big fuss or change. A solution that is there to support you, anywhere.

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