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A professional greeting for your customers

During this period of uncertainty, communication and clarity are absolutely key.

When the UK Prime Minister announced that the majority of the population would have to work from home, many organisations were forced to close their offices in haste and set their staff up to work remotely. Some had to reinvent their business and others had to temporarily close due to the lockdown restrictions.

Since the initial period of change has settled and some organisations are in a groove with home working, we are seeing an increased demand for requests to set up a professionally recorded telephone greeting.

This is the positive voice that welcomes customers to your brand when they dial your number, whether you’re open for business or temporarily closed. It helpfully guides customers to the correct team and reassures them while their call is on hold, or while it’s being transferred.

If you would like help to set up a professionally recorded greeting, get in touch with your eve service provider.

What to include on your greeting

Open for business

Reassure your customers and inform them of any changes to your opening hours. Do visitors need to be aware of any restrictions related to the COVID-19 crisis? Perhaps your business has had to adapt to thrive in the current crisis – your greeting message is the perfect way to keep your customers informed and to control the message you are putting out there.

Temporarily closed

If you’re temporarily closed, let them know that you plan to bounce back before long and encourage them to keep in touch in the meantime, perhaps by directing them to your Facebook or Instagram page, or your online shop.

Keep it positive

Upbeat and honest messages will be well received and remembered, as opposed to those which dwell on the negatives.

Why go professional?

First impressions count

If a member of your team recorded your business-wide telephone message, does it correctly represent your brand? Is the call quality sharp? A professional, experienced voiceover artist can provide a level of quality that leaves a lasting impression.

Tone of Voice

Humans are hardwired to hear the emotion and tonality in a person’s voice. If staff are rushed, panicked or uncomfortable when recording your message, your customers will be quick to pick up on it.

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